Tech career counselling

A workplace in the tech industry can immensely inspire and be a source of energy to achieve was was thought as impossible yesterday. At the same time, there are certain challenges unique to this work environment.

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Steps away from career anxiety and towards a career change
You may find yourself struggling with, among other things, competition among colleagues, difficult managers with unrealistic expectations and poor people skills, trying to fit in, keeping up with technology trends and increasing demands for productivity. I have worked in the tech industry in Vancouver and in Europe since 2009 as a developer, a team lead, a mentor and a tutor. Through my experience, I've developed a strong passion for helping others with their career and their dreams.

As a counsellor and a tech professional in one, I go beyond what's considered standard career counselling by focusing on your industry-specific skills, as well as by increasing your well-being in the following areas:
  • Burnout syndrome, chronic stress and anxiety
  • Disruptive self-criticism and the Imposter syndrome
  • Communication and boundary setting with colleagues and managers
  • Career development and career change strategies
  • Transferrable skills development: Requirement analysis, problem solving, planning, collaboration
  • Crafting of resumes and work portfolios

Theoretical orientation

It is my strong belief that our career and volunteering work complete us as individuals as well as community members and that they bring significant meaning to our lives. However, this can only be true when you do what fits you and when you can fully express yourself through your work.

I use an integrated approach that combines theories from the psychodynamic, humanistic, existentialist and Gestalt counselling approaches. I combine this with career counselling approaches including Holland's Theory of Vocational Personalities, Gottfredson's Theory of Circumscription and Compromise, Social Cognitive Career Theory and Psychology of Work Theory.

In our sessions, we will explore how your early development and past experiences shaped your career persona and how you form emotions, think and behave in your current work environment as a result.

Practical approach

Similarly to the practical approach I take during counselling therapy, I combine a variety of techniques to deliver goal-focused career counselling.

I will begin by assessing your career values and preferences using tools such as the Holland Code RIASEC Test and the Work Importance Locator. I will then apply techniques including Motivational Interviewing, Reframing, Empty Chair, Behavioural Rehearsal and others to help you problem-solve, reduce stress, develop new transferrable skills and make informed decisions about your next career steps or a career change.

Through compassion and encouragement, my goal is to guide you in finding a balance between your values, interests and practical socio-economic considerations.