Counselling therapy

My greatest passion is helping those who live high-demand lives to show up authentically, confidently, and with a sense of balance.

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A warm counselling therapy office to help with depression, anxiety and burnout

I can help you with:

  • Anxiety, burnout, stress, panic
  • Depression, feeling unmotivated, helpless and worthless
  • Difficulties related to high functioning: Overachieving, overanalyzing, overstimulation, increased sensitivity
  • The Imposter syndrome
  • Personal and work relationships
  • OCD, disturbing and repetitive thoughts and behaviours

Theoretical orientation

My theoretical approach is grounded in the works of Freud, Erikson, Jung and Adler. I put emphasis on the role of early life experiences and the way in which they shape our understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.

I am also strongly inspired by existentialism and humanism, especially by the work of Maslow on hierarchy of human needs and on self-actualization.

I believe that they way we are today is a collection of valid adaptations to previous circumstances. Some adaptations are still useful to us, while others cause us to be in pain and get into difficult situations. In many ways, I understand psychotherapy as a search for the authentic self - a process through which we realize and separate our needs and wants that are based around growth and compassion from those that are rooted in fear and pain. By acting on these authentic needs and wants, we are self-actualizing and living a life that is personally meaningful and fulfilling.

Practical approach

Some of the psychoanalytical techniques that I use to explore issues around depression and anxiety include Dream Work, Guided Imagery, Free Association, Psychoeducation and Empty Chair. I am also a proponent of Cognitive-Behavioural and Mindfulness-based approaches and I use solution-based techniques such as Cognitive Restructuring, Reframing, Behavioural Rehearsal and Flagging the Minefield. Additional techniques that I use to help specifically with anxiety, stress and OCD include Deep Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Systematic Desensitization and Stress Inoculation Training.

By combining solution-based and psychoanalytical techniques, I deliver a deeply personalized therapeutic experience that is sensitive to your needs and preferences. I also often engage in Socratic dialogue, exploration of existential questions, brainstorming of solutions and collaborative problem-solving with my clients, while providing compassion and encouragement.

As a former researcher and a software developer, I value goal-oriented approach to treatment, incorporating measurable outcomes and your feedback along the way. I fully encourage doing work outside of counselling sessions, including activities such as self-monitoring, reading, letter writing and practising new skills, and I will actively work with you on choosing, following through with and evaluating homework. I do not charge fees for helping you with your homework between sessions.