Everyone deserves to be their true self.

Empowering you towards more confidence, a deeper self-awareness and a better life-career balance.

Hi, I'm Lenka and I am based in Vancouver, BC. My greatest passion is helping others to show up authentically, confidently, and with a sense of balance.

As a former software developer, I especially enjoy working with those who are secretly struggling with their high-demand lives. Read more about me
Photo of Lenka Pitonakova, PhD, RPC-C Lenka Pitonakova, PhD, RPC-C

Counselling therapy

If you are coping with anxiety, depression, burnout, poor life satisfaction, high self-expectations, or difficulties in social situations, I'm here to help.

Let's explore your present and your past, re-examine how you relate to yourself and others, and build on your strengths together.

Tech career counselling

I know from experience that navigating a fast-paced, intellectually demanding tech workplace can get difficult.

Let's work together on combating your self-criticism, alleviating burnout and helping you develop skills that you need to take the next step in your career.
I envision a world where people empower each other to thrive and are allowed to be at their unique best, at work and at home.

How I will work with you

I create a safe and open environment that allows you to deepen your self-awareness and draw strength from your past, even if it is a traumatic one.

As a software developer turned counsellor, I value goal-oriented approach to therapy, incorporating measurable, collaboratively-set outcomes, as well as your feedback along the way. I'm here for you by listening and by facilitating your growth, as well by taking the lead when you need a hand. With a natural curiosity about what the world looks like through your eyes, I offer support, encouragement and understanding.

I align my practice with the psychodynamic, humanistic, existentialist and Gestalt approaches.

Treerock Therapy core values

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As a practitioner who values growth, I constantly seek feedback from my clients and my peers, I regularly engage in self-reflection and I actively find and train in new evidence-based techniques.
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As a practitioner who values truth, I give honest feedback and encourage my clients to find underlying causes of their issues.
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As a practitioner who values creativity, I tailor techniques specifically to each client and I go beyond what is established.